Harlequin Theatre

Harlequin theatre is a theatre meant for conducting various forms of live arts, events, or shows like drama, comedy, concerts, dance performances, literary presentations, lectures, and more. Performers perform on a stage, practically a risen area to be more visible to all the spectators. The place is built as a wide stadium to accommodate a big number of people, ranging from a hundred to a thousand seats or more. Other Harlequin theatre designs are built with permanent arrangements forevery area. However, in order for it to contain other types of services, some Harlequin theatres are made flexible where it can be transformed into a custom layouts to fit a specific event.

There are Harlequin theatres worldwide. They may be privately or government-owned. Like in the United Kingdom, there is one called "The harlequin Theatre and Cinema" located in Redhill, Surrey. There is also one located in Hawick, Manukau City known as Harlequin Musical Theatre. Another Harlequin Theatre is also based in Columbus, Indiana. Place and equipment rentals may vary depending on the type of production, the number of people, length of hours, and many other factors. If you are planning to conduct a show or any event, you may contact the nearest Harlequin theatre in your area for quotes.